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About Backlink Maker

This is an awesome tool that submits your site to high PR sites from where you get high authority backlinks. Unlike other backlink maker tools, our tool always creates backlinks on authoritative sites, which means no spamming. Besides making backlinks for your site, our tool also helps to get it properly indexed in search engines.

Just enter the URL of your site in the box and click submit. Our fast and free Backlink Maker Tool will automatically submit your site link to high PR sites. The backlink creation process may consume a lot of effort, but our free SEO tool can do this difficult task within some minutes only.

Backlinks are the kind of hyperlinks leading to your website. They have always been the center of discussion for both newbies and experts. It is for sure that backlinks play a significant role in improving the search positions of your site and many top online marketers always give priority to creating high authority and relevant backlinks to rank their websites for different keywords. 

The more quality backlinks your site or blog has, the better it would rank in search engines. All the main search engines such as Google & Yahoo, rank websites after analyzing how much quality backlinks it has got, social shares, content length, site structure, site speed and so on. So every webmaster must give importance to backlinks too. Otherwise, you can't beat your competitors.

Google has always disliked spammy or irrelevant backlinks. These type of backlinks will not only lead to lower search positions, but they may even deindex your site from search results. By creating backlinks, you will get exposure from search positions and see a considerable change in your site's rankings. 

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